Thursday, March 10, 2011

Status updates that aren't to be

One thing I've learned from my 36 hours away from Facebook is that, during the course of a normal day, I try to make everything I do into a Facebook status. I didn't really know I was doing this because I would just think it then post it. Now, I'm just thinking it.

This morning, I wanted to post that I had dinner in the crock pot (Black Bean Soup..yum!), then I wanted to comment on the raininess. I wanted to share my frustrations when the traffic cop at Second Street stopped traffic, pointed his thingy (technical term) at a car. The driver pulled forward and then Officer Sunshine blew his whistle at the car to back up for absolutely no reason. He just likes to whistle,  Within seconds, he motioned for the car to go. I was bumfuzzled.

All of this wit and wisdom will just have to sit in my brain for the next 40 days. Perhaps I should carry a little note pad to record all these "statuses" so I don't lose them!


Megan said...

My ENTIRE life is a FB/Twitter status! I just finally have a forum to share with the world! :-)

I vote for carrying the notebook around to copy them all down. :)

hollie marie said...

I gave up FB and blogging from November to January last year... just like you're surprised now that your life is so wrapped up in fb (as mine was too!), you'll be equally surprised at how quickly you learn you dont need it at all anymore. :)

******Shelly****** said...

This made me laugh out loud. Why, you ask? I contemplated the same crock pot status this morning...we may need therapy. lol :)