Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A testament to my fine housekeeping skills

I guess it says something about the kind of housekeeper I am when I roll out the vacuum cleaner to suck up the goldfish disaster that is my living room floor, and Sam completely flips out. Like my Hoover upright is the scariest monster he's ever seen. Do I vacuum that infrequently that he doesn't know what it is????

It's not that I don't enjoy having a clean house. I do . I just don't enjoy cleaning it! I pretty much wait until a job has to be done before I do it. This is not a source of pride for me, but it's just how I'm wired. Take me or leave me as is, cause June Cleaver I'm not!

My dad, out of sympathy or despair, I'm not sure which, provides me with a little slush fund each month that allows me to hire someone to come in and clean my house weekly, I suppose to help me keep my house from being condemned. Thank goodness!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I can't sleep.

For once in my life, I have insomnia. I am usually a GREAT sleeper. John says it is one of my talents. I can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, and I've been known to sleep through earthquakes.

Not tonight. Tonight, I am wide awake. I think I know why...I've been off caffeine for about a week and a half. I was drinking a cup or two (or three ) of coffee in the morning, then multiple Diet Cokes throughout the day. However, post-op, I kind of went cold turkey. Coffee hurt to drink and tasted funny, and I was down to less than one Diet Coke a day. Tonight, I had a coffee craving, so I cranked up the Senseo and made myself some yummy mocha-hazelnut-vanilla stuff. I only drank about half, and that was five hours ago. I overestimated my tolerance, I think! The caffeine compounded with the totally out-of-whack sleep pattern I've fallen into since my surgery has got me really wound up.

I am so wired that I actually got out of bed at 12:30 to put some laundry in!!! John woke up and saw the light on in there and got worried...and rightly so. I don't spend much time in the laundry room, as evidenced by the mounds of dirty clothes in the floor. I was sick of staring at the clock and I figured I'd better do something productive.

Now, I think I'll curl up on the couch and see what's on television at this ungodly hour. I'm going to regret this tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Makeover Mania

Yesterday, I decided that I needed a new look. I had a few free hours (i.e., kids with grandparents), so I headed the minivan over to the west side of town to Merle Norman. I walked in and the lady at the counter asked if she could help me. I told her yes, I needed the works! And, I got it!!!! Then, I trotted over to SuperCuts and got a $12 special. I even splurged on a new ensemble at Cato.

Here are the results....

Before...yes, I had even put on make up and attempted to fix my hair. It just wasn't working.


Hey, I'm happy with it!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Check your firearms at the door

I went to the hospital this morning to do my pre-op paper work for my tonsillectomy, which is, as you know unless you've been living under a rock, tomorrow! I had to give them a few vials of blood, which I hate. I kind of figure I need all I have, right? I had to sign off on a variety of really important items. Most importantly, I promised that I wouldn't sue anyone if they killed me and that if I did sue someone it wouldn't be the hospital, but the doctor who doesn't actually work for the hospital.

I had to put up a 10% co-insurance payment plus $250 deductible. In the time Rachael Ray could crank out two meals, my tonsils and adenoids will be gone for the low, low price of $4000. Interestingly, if you pay your co-insurance in full up front, you get a 20% discount, so my surgery is essentially ON SALE! Love it! I have to wonder how many people stiffed them before they enacted this policy, though. And, if you do stiff them, what are they going to do...put your tonsils back in?

The most interesting part of the whole morning was the pre-teaching part. That's where they tell you what to do and not do before your surgery, what not to bring with you, and what to expect afterwards. The highlights are as follows:
  • Don't wear makeup. WHAT?
  • Don't bring any valuables with you. Valuables....what do they mean? I'm going to be there for about three hours. What valuables would I bring?
  • Don't eat or drink after midnight, I guess because you'll turn into a gremlin. Hey, I'll be a major bear without my coffee in the a.m., but that's their problem.
  • Don't bring any FIREARMS OR EXPLOSIVES with you. Seriously. I'm gonna need someone to take care of my extensive collection of handguns and grenades tomorrow, since I'm usually packin' heat where ever I go.
Expect an update from my later this week, while I'm still on painkillers. It should be a good one!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer at last...

At last, my time of service in Clark County has come to an end. It has been interesting, as I'd spent all the other years of my teaching career in another school district, where I'll thankfully be returning to this fall. I learned a LOT about teaching, politics, personalities, gas mileage, and myself this year. Some was good...some not so much. I won't say more than I'm glad it's over, and now my summer can begin.

Ah, summer. This summer, I'm planning to have my tonsils removed, recover from that, plan for my upcoming school year, take a quick trip with John for our 8th anniversary, read, crochet, and hang out with my kids. Oh, and I'll be turning 31 in a couple of weeks.

School starts August 1, so I'd better stop procrastinating and start enjoying my summer.