Monday, November 19, 2007

Inappropriate happiness

I was SICK, sick, sick last week. I mean, really sick. I'd been on antibiotics for over a week and instead of getting better, I was getting worse. So, I went back to the doctor on Friday, absolutely sure I had mono or something that antibiotics wouldn't help.

He did all the necessary bloodwork, and decided that he didn't *think* it was mono, but we wouldn't know for a few days. He decided that even if I didn't have mono, prednisone would help. I would have taken crack if he had thought it would help.

Three days into prednisone, I am a new woman. I decided to do a little research on prednisone. One of the side effects, it turns out, is inappropriate happiness.

What's wrong with that? Who would report that to the doctor??????????????

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welcome to the world, Mark and Ben!

No, I didn't spontaneously drop another set of twins! Whew! That WOULD be blog-worthy. Mark and Ben are the new names Audrey has given her brothers. We were having a lovely rough and tumble playtime in the floor a few nights ago when she sprouted this little gem.

Audrey: "Mmmm....maybe we don't call the brothers Sam and Jack anymore."
Me: "Oh. Well, what shoule we call them?"
Audrey: "Maybe, ummm, maybe....Mark and Ben." And that was that.

Who am I to argue?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Avon lady calling!

Yes, that's right....I'm your brand new friendly Avon Independent Sales Representative! I am smack in the middle of my first campaign and I'm having a blast! I decided it was a good opportunity to earn a little extra cash and get a discount on the products I've been buying for years. Plus, the fact that it only costs $10 to start and there's no need to maintain inventory...well, that just sealed the deal!
Check out my online store!!!!