Monday, October 22, 2012

Tis almost the season!

Every year, Christmas comes and goes in a flurry of activities and rush and stress, with me vowing to be prepared and organized next year. Somehow, year after year, December 25 just slips up on me. Sometimes I do get a jump on the shopping, but when I do, I tend to forget what I've bought and then I end up buying more than I intended to anyway.
I'm just not good at the whole organized holiday thing. I always bungle it up!

And this year, with our newly revised (read: tight as a drum) budget, planning is going to be crucial. John and I have set very firm limits for every one's gifts. He's totally fine with that. I hate it. I like to give lavishly. My budget is not set up for lavish.

Here I am, sixty four days from the Silent Night, and my stress level is already rising. The kids have high expectations for Santa's loot. I have much candy to make and many items to crochet- yes, dear readers, this is going to be an old fashioned, handmade Christmas. If you are on my list, just be prepared. You're getting a scarf, or some Bourbon balls, or a mug cozy, or a hat. At the rate I'm going, you might just get some yarn in a bag with an IOU.

Because this Christmas is going to be financially strained, I want to make sure that my kids feel the season in a different way. I want them to experience giving. I want them to experience anticipation. I want them to experience the joy of the Christ Child.

My prayer is that I do not let the busy-ness get in the way of the real meaning. I want to build some special traditions and memories for my family so that they experience a happy holiday season, not a hurried and hassled one. My hope is to use the season as a way to glorify the One we celebrate. That said, I vow to lay down the stress and strife the holidays usually bring, and take up one thing only- the expectation of the coming King.

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By: Kate Nadeau said...

Elly I totally hear where you are coming from... and do I have the book for you (it'll take very little time to read)... I am reading it now and loving it... Simplify Your Christmas (100 ways to reduce stress in your holiday) by Elaine St. James. It's all about getting away from the commercial aspects of the holiday and focusing on the true meaning of the season, getting your kids on board with the changes and how to deal with others.