Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Wordle for my blog...so much fun!

Wordle: Advent
If you haven't tried Wordle, it is sooooo much fun! Paste some text or the URL of your website in and, presto! A fun visual. The bigger words are the ones you use over and over...I do this at school. I'll do a Wordle of a common document or well-known text (think the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, or MLK's I Have a Dream speech) and see if the kids can guess what they are reading. Or, I'll put something else in and see if they can make a prediction about the main idea. I just like the way it looks!

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Katie said...

This IS so much fun. I spent a bunch of time making a bunch of them, then got distracted and forgot about it. Never did upload it.

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