Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break at last!

I've sooooo enjoyed the first half of my spring break. I've done very little of consequence and I've managed to shore up some much needed rest. I feel like a new woman.

I've had the opportunity to work a little on some of my craft projects. I finished a baby blanket for my friend Kim, and started one for my friend Erin. I bought materials for a granny square afghan that I'm going to start when I finish the blanket I'm working on now. I have also started researching beading. I think I would enjoy making jewelry, but I'm not yet sure how to get started without spending a small fortune. I never thought I would become "crafty" but it is happening!


River Glorious said...

:) I like making granny squares... Hope your afghan comes out nicely. :)

Megan said...

WOW, Elly! I'm very impressed. I've tried knitting a chain ... it ended up looking like I'd been drunk when doing it. I threw it and the needles down in complete and total frustration declaring myself CRAFTY-NOT!!!