Sunday, April 20, 2008

People are so odd

I've had strep throat about six times this school year, including my most recent diagnosis from last week. Last time I had it, I think February, my doctor decided that enough is enough and I need to get my tonsils out. That's planned for June 11. Until then, I just have to suffer through never ending bouts of strep and repeated rounds of antibiotics.

I've tried to do my own research on this to find a way to make my life less miserable between now and the impending tonsillectomy. In my most recent search, I decided to view the images associated with strep throat. I expected to see some clinical shots and even those lovely unrealistic medical text book drawings. I found a few of those, but primarily, I found lots of shots of people who took pics of their gross looking throats and posted them for the world to see.

WHY? I mean, when I feel strep coming on, I sneak a peak at my tonsils to confirm my suspicions. Strep is nasty looking. I don't want YOU to see my tonsils, even on a good day. Why, oh, why would anyone think that their buddies would like to see their infected pus-filled throats? EEEEEWWW.

I'm grossed out enough for today. I guess I'll save the search on hemorrhoids for another day!

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