Monday, October 3, 2011

Goals for October

You can search this blog and you'll find LOTS of times when I've set goals, drafted resolutions, and created grand plans. It's the beginning of October, and today starts the beginning of my three week Fall Break, so it seems that now is a great time to set some goals in motion! I'm linking up with to keep me accountable!

Now is also a great time to revisit my New Year's Resolutions and update the progress on them.Here's what I declared in January. In red, you'll see my updates.

1. Lose weight. I think 15 pounds would be doable and would help A LOT! Twenty five would be awesome, but who am I kidding? Nothing to report here.
2. Get organized. I can't make this one more specific. Any improvement in this area would be welcome. It seems to me that this whole exercise in goal setting and action plan designing speaks to this resolution. I've done better this year, but still not where I should be.
3.Sell a crocheted item or two, or more! Nope. But I have made more fun things in general. We'll see!
4.Cook four nights a week, and cook different things! Sometimes, I do this. Other times, we hit the drive thru. Oh well.
5. Read 25 books this year, and document them on this blog.Easily on track to do this, if I haven't already.
 6. Blog twice weekly. Good until summer hit. Maybe I'll do it again!
7. Attend a genealogy workshop. Nope.
8. Memorize scripture. I think a verse a week is doable. I haven't done this.
9. Do something different. Try new things. Zumba, pottery, Bunco, wool spinning...just a few of the things I'd like to try. They are all "fun" things, so why not? Zumba, yes.
10. Get back on the Financial Peace train. I think it ran me over during the holidays. :) Not really...

So, now, here are my OCTOBER 2011 GOALS...

OY! So much to little interest in doing any of it!
1. Wash shower curtain and bath math, deep clean bathroom.
2. Declutter living room.
3. Fall decor on table and outside.
4. Create and follow a cleaning checklist (a la The Fly Lady)
5. Clean out fridge.

1. Get back in the gym!
2. Keep a journal.
3. Be a better friend. (Not sure how to measure this, but I'll know:)
4. Finish Feminine Appeal and Capture His Heart: Becoming the Godly Wife Your Husband Desires- and practice what I've learned!
5. Continue my quest to hear and obey God's will in my life and produce tangible results from doing so.

1. Weekly devotional/teaching times with the kids.
2. Begin a devotional/study with John.
3. Prepare healthy meals at home at least 4 times a week.
4. Plan Audrey's birthday party...make it great, but economical!
5. Keep the kids clothes organized and outfits laid out every day.

Feel free to chime in and give me advice on how to get it all done!


Audra said...

LOVE Feminine Appeal! I need to re-read that one. I'm totally with you on the Financial Peace train. With our very young family (2 under 3 and pregnant), I'm lucky to find a moment to put the bills in the mail not covered in extra stickers or drawings!

Rebekah from Simply Rebekah said...

I'm not sure quite how to describe it, but I sense a real difference between your first list and your October list. Almost like you have more focus. The first list sounds like "Oh, this would be nice to do..." The second list sounds like, "OK! Let's get busy!!" :)

Am I making sense????

I am certainly NOT a goal making expert (obviously!!), but I really believe you are going to rock your list this month! WHOO-HOO!

Elly Gilbert said...

Thanks for the comments and support, girls! I finished Capture His Heart, but won't get finished with Feminine Appeal for a while. There are about 20 ladies studying it with me at church. Audra- I've been where you are...I had 3 under 2 for a little while after my boys were born!!! And, Rebekah, you are right about the October goals having specificity. This is something I'm working on at school, so I guess it has carried over at home, too!