Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Creative Community

We're taking a break from poetry in my 8th grade class, mostly for my sanity. Today, we're taking magazine ads and making stories/poems from the pictures and captions. My goal is spontaneity, creativity, and freedom from constraints. I keep telling them to think beyond telling me what is happening in the picture, but show me images of what might have happened before or after the picture,why the people are in the picture, what the words inspire you to think about. Lemme tell ya, it ain't easy to do this with very concrete 8th graders. They keep saying, "This is a picture of some kids at school." But we're working on it. We're questioning each other, which is good! That's what I've been hoping for all year...a community of writers.

BTW... The caption I picked, "The Tale of the Magical Cracker." I can't wait to find a few minutes to write that!

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