Monday, February 22, 2010

Committed to a better week!

Last week wasn't one of my best. I was cranky, and for no legitimate reason. However, after a much needed fun filled weekend, I am on the right track again. Here are some of the measures I've taken to ensure a better week for all involved:
1. I went to the grocery store and bought a cart full of healthy stuff. No Doritos, Cheetos, or ice cream. All good things! I figure if I do resort to emotional eating, I'll only have good choices to make.
2. I made a plan for the week. I know, this is revolutionary.
3. I got up fifteen minutes early today to give myself some me time before I head out the door. See how I'm spending it??? I am going to hit the Wii Fit for a few minutes before I leave.

I've really been giving a lot of thought to what has gone wrong with me in the last little bit. I know that I am an emotional eater. It doesn't really matter what the emotion is, I can still find a way to engage in some sort of unhealthy eating to forge through. I'm a veteran of Weight Watchers. In my head, I know all of the good tips for combating emotional eating, but some how, I just choose to do the wrong thing instead.

After a lot of soul searching and riding the wave of the guilt trips I subject myself to, I've finally figured out that it isn't about the eating. It is about the emotions. I am letting my feelings rule me. Again, I KNOW better. I let myself get sucked into crankiness, anger, boredom, whatever. I become absorbed by these things. So, in light of my recent self-awareness and commitment to better living (sounds like a magazine, or something Oprah would say, right?), I am going to focus on getting my feelings under control. The eating will follow.

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Megan said...

Amen girl! I am the EXACT same way!!!!