Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I chose to title this post "Exonerated" as that is one of the most missed vocabulary words on the Honors English I test I graded today. (They got it confused with "extricated." )That, and it's relevant. In my last post, I revealed a deep and troubling secret: I have sinned against the library gods. My conscience got the best of me today and I decided to inquire as to how to absolve myself of said crimes. Turns out, when you return the material, you are forgiven the debt. COOL! I don't owe PSPL $40. I can show my face in the library again. And I did...this afternoon, in fact.

I have been.....let's all say it together, kids....exonerated of my library crimes. My fines were mitigated (another oft mistaken vocab word). My joy is quite conspicuous. I can no longer be considered incorrigible.


Megan said...

Here in 4th grade, we're just trying to spell WENT with out an H (WHENT). I'm impressed that you all are using exonerated! Go Elly!

Elly Gilbert said...

Oh, they don't have to spell it, just use it...they can copy from the word bank. And they can't always do that right. HONORS English, my hiney.