Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random thoughts for the first half of September

  • The boys will be two in a week. HOLY cow. How did that happen?
  • I have a crap load of papers to grade, yet I am sitting at my computer. Hmmm...are they going to grade themselves? Maybe the grading fairy will stop by.
  • I just realized I forgot to make vocabulary packets for my sub to give out on Monday, so guess what I get to do tomorrow???? It won't take ten minutes, but still...
  • I don't want to go to church tomorrow. I mean, my church, which is the most boring church in the universe. I want to go somewhere fun and alive that I wouldn't be embarrassed to invite people to visit. How sad is that?
  • Today, I watched a lizard crawl up and down the side of our neighbor's house for like an hour. I hate HATE hate lizards. This is the first one I've seen in Frankfort. I think we need to move. If McCain wins the election, I'm going to Canada. Maybe John can become an ice road trucker. I'm sure they don't have lizards there.


Megan said...

Do you watch ICE ROAD TRUCKER like I watch DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER, which, I must admit, is some serious waste of my time on this Earth ... time I will never get back ... but whatever. It does help me connect with some of my kids ... if you know what I mean ... anyhooo ... ice and snow is over-rated. Take it from someone that knows. Are you sure it wasn't a GIGANTIC cricket? Like the one I accidentally shut in my window last night ... and was still alive this morning ... sans one less leg?
And, hmmm ... I'm thinking I've had a bit too much caffeine!

Kate Doerpholz said...

We'll join you in the move to Canada (although I swore that when Bush was up for re-election and I am still here).

Anyhow... sorry I missed the boys b-days... happy belated b-day to them.