Friday, August 8, 2008

Blogging on my planning period and other cardinal sins

I think I could get fired for blogging on school time. However, my brain is just popping with stuff right now, so I gotta get it out.

I am afraid that I am the worst teacher ever. I had this beautifully planned syllabus, lovely activities, well thought out reading choices, and I feel like all of it is just falling apart right before my eyes. I don't know what I'm doing and I'm sure it shows. They are eating me alive.

I spent about ten hours here last weekend. I need to come in again this weekend, but I REALLY need to be home and take some time for myself.

Okay, deep breath. I feel better now.


Kate Doerpholz said...

Deep breath... we all need to slack at work at times. BTW I read your post, but my comment got deleted before I could post it... may try it again tomorrow.

Megan said...

I've blogged BEFORE work, during lunch, and AFTER work. I'm sure I fall into the same category, but it's not during a time that I'm supposed to be doing other things. :) It's all good.

BTW, just come join me in my perfect world ... where butterflies and sunshine live all the time, and it rains Skittles all day long. :)

Micah said...

Elly, on your bad days you are better than most teachers (better than a lot of teachers even aspire to be). Seriously.

Please take time for yourself and your family this weekend! Reading this post makes all of last year flash before my eyes, and I regret spending so much extra time at school only to struggle through the school day anyway. And I'm sure you want to listen to my advice since I'm such an expert on life and everything...