Wednesday, July 16, 2008


School starts in two weeks and one day. Holy cow! I am sooooo unprepared. I will be teaching three sections of eighth grade language arts, and I KNOW what to do there. However, I also have been assigned two sections of English I, and one of those will be an Honors class. I'm flying blind.

The stress is starting to get to me. Night before last, I dreamed that I just completely skipped the four required professional development days and opening day for teachers (they have donuts....why would I skip???) and showed up on August 1, pouting because I didn't know what I was doing and looking for someone to blame. In the dream, my new principal nearly fired me on the spot. Can anyone say, "ANXIETY"???

I have my little notebook where I've assembled my plans for the first quarter for eighth grade, but my ninth grade pages are full of question marks and statements like, "Why am I struggling with this so hard???????" It's not like I'm not trying to figure it out! I am, but I'm coming up with nothing! So, if inspiration doesn't strike me, we'll just play the name game and write about how we spent our summer vacations for nine weeks.

Gotta do better than that!


Megan said...

Welcome to my life every year, Elly. :) Come join me in "Clueless World." It's a load of fun. :)

Micah said...

During my first quarter of HELL... I mean, teaching 9th grade... I kept telling myself I would do better after Fall Break. That didn't happen. I sucked all the way to the bitter end. So take comfort in the fact that you'll be better than last year's 9th grade English teacher!