Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, wait, I still have a blog...

Yes, I am alive. For the most part, anyway... I actually have all these cool thoughts about things I'd like to post, but time slips away and it never happens. I am resolving to make one post a week. That seems to be a reasonable goal.

I think spring is around the corner. Today, we hit upper 60's, maybe even 70 for the high. It was sunny and breezy and nice, or so I was told. I wouldn't know, as I don't have a window in my classroom. John thinks that should be illegal. I am beginning to agree.

I have two more weeks of school before spring break. I am ready for a week (okay, an eternity) off. Then, the remainder of the school year should fly by, and my time and service to Clark Middle will be over. Praise God. Don't get me wrong. It isn't an all together terrible place. It has just been a bad situation for me. A 45 minute commute with three kids is killer. I feel unsuccessful in reaching my students. And, my attitude is just kind of rotten. I miss my girlfriends in Frankfort. I miss my ghetto babies, too! I just miss HOME.

In other news, Audrey has been invited for a sleepover at Anna's. Now, she doesn't always like Anna. She reports on Anna's bad behavior 4 days out of 5. I'm not sure she's telling the whole truth, though. She does have an imagination. But, I'm also not sure about this sleepover. I really don't want to be called to Winchester in the middle of the night to retrieve her.

One more Audrey funny. We've been having trouble keeping Audrey in her big girl bed all night. She wakes up about 1 or so and wants to sleep with us. A night or two, no big deal, but I'm talking more like every night. So, good mother that I am, I issue an ultimatum. You cannot sleep in my bed anymore. If you choose not to sleep in your bed, you will have to sleep on the floor in the living room. That same night, I wake up suddenly because I hear Audrey coughing. Only it isn't on the monitor. She's downstairs. I can hear her. I staggered into the living room to find her curled up on her Backyardigan sofa, sleeping like an angel.

Guess where she ended up sleeping that night.


Megan said...

I miss you too!!!
Cll me sometime ... I've got some scoop you might be interested in ...

Elly Gilbert said...

Woman....between that comment and your recent blog post, we are way behind.Left you a voice me soon! John and I are going to see "The Foreigner" tomorrow night, but otherwise, I'm totally available.