Wednesday, July 18, 2007

John and the Mystery Burrito

Everyone knows that our house is in a perpetual state of chaos. We spend countless hours looking for lost items. Currently, I know that my pink craft scissors are MIA (scary) and a bottle of baby shampoo can't be found. This is so normal that, in fact, our kids think that "Where are mommy's keys?" is a real game because we play it so often. Everyone also knows that John, for all his good qualities, can be totally scatter brained.

Last night, he was dispatched to pick up Taco John's on the way home. It was raining really hard and he had to wait a while before coming in. When he came in, we noticed that the rain was coming in under the back door, as usual. So, we're scurrying around, trying to dry up the floor, disperse the food, etc. We finally sit down to eat and John says, "I know I had a burrito in my hand." He procedes to scour the house in search of the missing burrrito. His first guess...the bathroom. It is no where to be found.

Now whether there was a burrito or not, I couldn't say. He ordered one, but it WAS Taco John's, and who knows what you'll actually get. I did not see said burrito, so I can't testify one way or the other. What I can say is this: who else in the whole world has to search the house for a missing burrito???????????


Megan said...

There are SOOOO many things I could comment on regarding your burrito blog, but the thing that makes me laugh the most is that John would automatically assume he'd left the burrito in the bathroom!

OH. MY. GOSH. What a riot!!!!!!

Megan's Mom- Jan said...

You don't know me. I am Megan's mom, but my first thought on the missing burrito would be - did he eat it on the way home? Remember the McDonald's ad a year or so ago where the Dad eats all the fries on his way home with the food for the rest of the family?

Allene said...

You write very well.